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Evolving Toys Launches Small : Boxes Big Play Science Games!


New Line of Educational Card Games Offers BIG PLAY fun at SMALL PLAY Price

San Diego, CA. – October 1st, 2009 – Evolving Toys, LLC is happy to announce that the first 3 titles of its new line of educational card games – Small Boxes : Big Play – has shipped to specialty retailers.  Each Small Boxes : Big Play game offers hours of family fun and unique educational content in an affordably sized package.  The first trio of games is science-themed.  Each game comes with a set of fifty beautiful cards, a specialized die, an informative subject guide and color rules.


Small Boxes : Big Play Science Games:


Constellation Connect!  (Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products Winner 2009) This stellar variation of Go Fish is simply the best constellation card game in the galaxy! Explore the stars and collect star points while learning the major regions of the night sky.  Special cards like Comet Sighting, Northern Lights and Meteor Shower throw fun and crazy twists into the game play.  Look out especially for the Light Pollution card, which can really set you back in the game!  Be sure to consult the subject guide to learn about the many multicultural mythologies tied to the constellations.
Dino Danger  A roaringly fun dinosaur dueling game!  This title challenges children to exercise their strategic thinking while learning a thing or two about paleontology.  The ferocious dinosaurs practically jump out of the game onto the table!  Special Dino Danger cards like Volcano Eruption, Meteor Strike and Mass Extinction put elements of chance into play that are sure to please. The subject guide includes lots of fun facts about dinosaur sizes, time periods, special features and diet.


Ingenious Inventions (Museum Store Association Buyer's Choice Finalist 09) As mini-mogul investors, kids & their families trade technology inventions that will soon change the world!  Gorgeous graphics run through this super fun trading game, where players exchange cards and “do deals” to achieve the most diverse hand of inventions with the highest possible points.  Invention categories include: Energy, Communication, Medicine, Transportation, Computers/Robotics, Exploration and Development.  The informative subject guide expands on each of the game’s forty-two fascinating inventions.


About Evolving Toys, LLC
Evolving Toys combines sharp insights, fresh design and cool technology to create new kinds of fun.  We believe that creativity isn’t linear and great toys and games aren’t the sum of their parts.  With this in mind, we strive to create products that embody the values of innovation, education and play.


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